Ultra Hafif Pareo-al Limonata HARMONIOUS
Ultra Hafif Pareo-al Limonata HARMONIOUS
Ultra Hafif Pareo-al Limonata HARMONIOUS

Ultra Light Lemonade Pareo - Shawl

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Harmonious pareo shawls are designed by hand dyeing on 100% organic cotton woven fabric. Each hand-painted pareo shawl is hand-painted and carefully produced. Harmonious pareo-shawls are suitable for various wearing styles such as scarves, scarves and pareo all seasons. The extra soft and light texture of Harmonious shawls with antibacterial properties is also suitable for use on babies and sensitive skin. You can add a colorful touch to your style with Harmonious's unique pareo colors.

The Lemonade Story: Lemonade yellow is inspired by the Mediterranean lemon groves we find ourselves in after long sea-view travels. Just like the joy that light yellow lemons awaken in us on warm summer evenings, making us feel as if we were in a dream as we strolled through the lush green leafy lemon groves. And few things make us happier than a cool homemade lemonade on hot summer days. Harmonious light yellow Lemonade color shawl makes you feel this happy experience.

Same Quality for Years: Harmonious designs and manufactures each product meticulously. Although these are such delicate products, if properly cared for, they can be used for years without losing their original quality and softness.

None of our products contain chemicals, synthetics or plastics.

Ultra Light Lemonade Pareo - Shawl
Product Content & Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash on delicate setting or hand wash is recommended.
  • Size: STD (190x85 cm)
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