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OVERSIZE Linen Blue Shirt Shorts Set

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Linen oversize shirt shorts set is designed in premium quality with blue, linen cotton-containing fabrics. In your daily activities, you can choose it as a set for home wear, or you can combine it with an oversize molded shirt and high-waisted shorts separately.

Linen suits, which provide maximum movement and comfort, are among the self-confident combinations that you can choose in any environment. You can combine it with your sandals, sneakers in the city or with your slippers on the beach. If you are looking for a soft pajama that will hug your body, linen suits can accompany you for the most comfortable sleep.

OVERSIZE Linen Blue Shirt Shorts Set
Product Content & Care

  • 50% Linen 50% Cotton
  • 30°C delicate machine wash
  • No bleach is used
  • 110°C Ironing

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