Organik Pamuk El Boyama al Kot Mavi HARMONIOUS
Organik Pamuk El Boyama al Kot Mavi HARMONIOUS

Organic Cotton Hand Dyed Denim Blue Shawl

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Harmonious Indigo dyed shawls are designed by coloring 100% organic cotton woven fabric with Indigo dyeing method. Indigo is an ancient type of dye produced as a striking dark blue crystalline powder. It has been used in many civilizations and has been popular in Maya, Egyptian, Japanese, and Indian cultures. Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue color. The primary use of indigo is cotton thread. In this way, it provides a perfect harmony with the woven cotton fabric of Harmonious.

Harmonious shawls are suitable for various wearing styles such as scarves, scarves and pareo all seasons. The extra soft and light texture of Harmonious shawls with antibacterial properties is also suitable for use on babies and sensitive skin.

The Story of Indigo Shawls: Indigo shawls take us for a stroll among the Indigofera Tinctoria trees that grow in the hot, humid regions of El Salvador. The leaves of the Indigo trees that grow in these warm lands are the biggest inspiration for the alluring navy blue in Indigo. The harmonious movement of dark blue, bohemian and exciting crystal dust pieces, which preserves its traditional attitude, meets Harmonious shawls. kle!

Organic Cotton Hand Dyed Denim Blue Shawl
Product Content & Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash on delicate setting or hand wash is recommended.
  • Size: STD (190x85 cm)
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