Ultra Hafif Pareo-al Lila HARMONIOUS
Ultra Hafif Pareo-al Lila HARMONIOUS
Ultra Hafif Pareo-al Lila HARMONIOUS

Lilac Ultra Light Pareo - Shawl

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Harmonious pareo shawls are designed by hand dyeing on 100% organic cotton woven fabric. Pareo, which can be defined as a kind of shawl; It is designed in a slender structure in sizes that wrap around the body. Pareos, the first piece that comes to mind when summer accessories are mentioned, can be found in many different types, sizes and designs. Whether sporty or stylish, Harmonious pareos are included in your holiday suitcase with their adaptability, creative combination and practical use. Adding color to summer fashion with different tying techniques, Harmonious pareos also adapt to beach comfort.

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How to Use Pareo?

Harmonious pareos, which are mostly used as blouses by tying them at the back of the neck, are sometimes tied at the waist only as a skirt. It is also possible to use your Harmonious pareo as a mini skirt or a long skirt that ends at the knee, as the size can be adjusted according to demand. To reflect your original style, you can try to make original combinations with Harmonious clothes. So you add an exciting touch to your summer style.

Same Quality for Years: Harmonious designs and manufactures each product meticulously. Although these are such delicate products, if properly cared for, they can be used for years without losing their original quality and softness. Harmonious pareo shawls do not contain synthetic material.

Lilac Ultra Light Pareo - Shawl
Product Content & Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash on delicate setting or hand wash is recommended.
  • Size: 190x85 cm
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