Yuvarlak İnci Küpe
Yuvarlak İnci Küpe

Round Pearl Earrings

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Real Pearl is a pearl necklace that reflects and symbolizes the elegance and elegance of the Harmonious woman, created with unique pearls formed in a rare way from the depths of the sea. It is designed as handmade by our designers in special design workshops.
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Tek Çekim 1,500.00TL 1,500.00TL
2 Taksit 758.63TL 1,517.25TL
3 Taksit 510.50TL 1,531.50TL
6 Taksit 262.40TL 1,574.40TL
9 Taksit 180.37TL 1,623.30TL
12 Taksit 139.46TL 1,673.55TL

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